I recently started playing this game called Fortnite. I been hearing a lot about it all over social media across all different kinds of people, ages, cultural backgrounds, and more. I saw memes were made. I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

My first gaming system as a grown adult is the Playstation 4. The last gaming systems I had were the Nintendo Wii and before that Game Boy Advance and Playstation 2. I have never gotten into Microsoft’s gaming systems, and honestly I just do not care to.

It was a random thing how I got my PS4. It came from a trunk. I thought to myself, “why the fuck not?! Get you sum! Get back into it! You won’t be addicted.” Back story, I had stopped playing in high school because I felt I was becoming too addicted and that it was unhealthy. I have a different mindset now though.

So I downloaded Fornite from the Playstation store, but had not started playing. One day I decided to take a break around noon time on my regular work-at-home sorta routine day. I had no idea what I was doing and did not even know the objective of the game. I was stubborn though, I did not want to read “how to play” the game, I just wanted to try it out and figure my way through it. I tend to have this type of mindset (not reading instructions) towards a lot of different things.

All I remember is smashing random things with my hammer, not realizing that I needed material to build traps and forts to protect yourself from the enemy squad. I also did not know I should stick with my squad of four to make sure I do not get killed right away. I remember hearing a guy say, “I don’t understand why people don’t stick with their squad. Might as well play solo.” Now I know what he means…

My favorite part of this game is the survival based objective and working as a team with your squad to defeat other squads. The graphics are also really cool and collecting the items as well.

I started playing this game on my 9 year old 42″ TV and on a PS4. Flash forward four weeks later, I now am using a 65″ 4K TV and my PS4 Pro is arriving in two days.


My puppy Jiji laying on my leg this first week I started playing.