*WARNING* Semi Spoiler Alert!

I watched Hereditary last Thursday after hearing from a few homies and social media about how great it was. I confess I didn’t really catch all the hype leading up to it as I’ve been more focused on other things lately like Fortnite.

I did some research and learned that this film was also produced by the same people who produced The Witch. I remember when I saw The Witch, I was more impressed by the cinematography and the uniqueness of how unless you’re paying attention you may not really know what’s really going on. The time period and location kinda gives it away, as well as one scene in particular that was gory.

Hereditary was kinda like that! Except I would say I legit did not know what the hell was going on until the last few scenes and even then I needed more information. What’s really cool about this supernatural film is the way it portrayed the supernatural. It wasn’t so overt, until the last scenes.

One part of the film that was kinda shocking to see was the decapitation of Charlie. I only say that because it’s only one gory scene as opposed to many gory scenes of a supernatural film. It also looked really cool, so shout out to the special fx crew.

Lastly, before I head out, it was kinda cool that both films both directors directed and wrote the screenplay. I feel that if I made a film, first off I’d write it, but I’d also want to direct it. I think who else would be better at that then the person who thought of the idea?

Oh… also shout out to D’artagnan and the mom from The Sixth Sense hehe.